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Wildside Gardens is a combination of my home garden in Henderson, KY, and a garden site I maintain in Boonville, IN. The name Wildside Gardens comes from the natural condition of the Boonville garden site when first started. It had been used as pasture land for both horses and cows for several years, and then remained dormant until recently. As a result,  it was grown up heavily with the usual weeds, but also wild roses, blackberries, and never ending poison ivy. (the poison ivy is still with us, scratch, scratch, scratch............)  As a result of being a pasture land for so long, the condition of the soil is excellent for growing daylilies. (good black soil everywhere) About 700 varieties of daylilies are grown at Wildside Gardens with new additions as space permits.  There's a natural creek (Critters Creek) that runs alongside the gardens that provides a plentiful source of water for irrigation.  If one is looking for a perfectly groomed garden, highly organized, and weed free, then Wildside Gardens is NOT it. And, while daylilies are the main plants of the garden, there is always room for most anything along the lines of flowers, herbs, or vegetables. I make several styles of birdhouses that provide many of the local bird families with comfortable living quarters.  Frequent garden visitors are deer, raccoons, muskrats, moles, frogs, toads, snakes, wild turkeys, hawks, and various other local wildlife.

I hybridize in my garden and usually have several hundred seedlings in various stages of growth. My wish list includes a greenhouse where I can grow year round, but that's still just a dream. The photo gallery on this site contains pictures of daylilies I have taken in my gardens. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy growing them, and exhibiting them at local daylily shows.  

Enjoy your visit!!

Tim Bleichroth
AHS Senior Exhibition Judge
AHS Garden Judge

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