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Information And Resource Site For Heard County Gardeners   
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  If you grow daylilies and they look like they are drying up, don't panic. They are going into summer dormancy. Once it cools and rains, foliage will start anew.

This site is being provided to serve gardeners of all types. It's our hope to provide a resource for most 

of the things we as gardeners need to know, and some things we never thought of.  Please feel free to 

share any comments or suggestions that you feel will help better this site. We will be very happy to 

create and host free of charge, web pages for local gardeners who would like to share pictures and/or

 information about their gardens. For an example of what a page could look like,  click on the Local 

Garden Pages link below to view some existing pages. You can contact us to make arrangements for 

a page by clicking on the E-Mail image below.  





                                                                                     Garden Web Links 





Zen Gardening


Tree Selection Guide


                    University of Georgia     

            Cooperative Extension Service



Flowers, Plants, and Gardening: For Kids!


USGA Heard County Extension

       Georgia Hardiness Map      

         Local Garden Pages          

Home Garden Photos By Local



The Gifts Of Gardening 

Blog link for gardeners


Gardening For Wildlife  

Georgia Wildlife Federation


            AHS Website                  

American Hemerocallis Society

      AHS Region 5 (Georgia)         

              Daylilies -Georgia

            Additional daylily information is

             available at Wildside Gardens


                     Garden Chemicals 

 Reference material for most    

garden and agricultural chemicals    

           Ground Cover Plants        

Georgia Master Gardeners

Wildflowers Of Georgia  

Poisonous Plants Of Georgia  

Rose Gardening - Georgia 

Georgia Native Plant Society  

         Butterfly Gardening       

    Water Gardening 



Franklin Kitchen   

Annual Flowers - Georgia

Perennial Flowers - Georgia

Bulb Plants - Georgia

Native Trees Of Georgia  

 Herb Gardening 

         Fertilizer Calculator Tool    

Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources

Non-Game Animals and Plants


E-mail us anytime


Invasive Species of Georgia




Drought Tips


How To Firescape Your Property




Early Spring Garden Guide  



Georgia Forestry Commission  




National Arbor Day Foundation  



National Wildlife Federation



For more resources on Nature and Wildlife 

Franklin Wildlife


Great Ad Free Magazine For Gardeners


USDA Plants Database  

Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network   


Georgia Exotic Pest Plants And Weeds    




For Great Photos of Flowers and Birds 

Birds And Blooms   




 Dealing With Storm Damage To Trees



  Franklin Feathered Friends