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Arkansas Fried Trout

With Cavender's Greek Seasoning

Submitted by: Jane Mahan, Elm Springs, AR 



 I planned to send a recipe for trout with a Marsala sauce, but since my roots are those of a 5th generation Arkansas Hillbilly - my ancestors came over on the wagons from Kentucky-Tennessee from Virginia - we know the only way to fix a fish caught around here is fried. Most of us "gourmet" cooks do season our fish with at least salt & pepper, & we do usually coat them in cornmeal or flour before dropping them into a good amount of bacon grease in a cast iron skillet. The preferred skillet is at least that of your grandmother's, but newer is ok.

Here is how I like to fix trout caught in our White River's Beaver Lake tail waters near Eureka Springs, Arkansas, or those caught from Mirror Lake near Blanchard Springs in Stone County.




Have ready:
1 old cast iron skillet
bacon grease, to come up to half way on the fish in the skillet
One of the following coatings:  yellow cornmeal (tastier than the white), flour, or (ummm) instant potato flakes
Seasonings: Cavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning - *see note below
Jane's Crazy Salt (no, not named for me, but I wish!)
A slice of onion or 2 green onion slips



Catch the trout
Clean the trout
Pat it dry with paper towels
Sprinkle cavity with Cavender's & Jane's Crazy Salt (or omit Jane's Crazy Salt) - go easy since some of the ingredients are duplicated
Lay the green onions or the onion slices inside the cavity

Holding the onions in, sprinkle Cavender's Greek Seasoning generously on both sides of the trout, then carefully coat the trout with the coating of your choice - try the instant potato flakes, see how you like that taste.

With bacon grease 'touchy' when water hits it, lay trout in hot grease in the skillet. Watch it & turn when crust is brown, maybe 5 minutes.
Brown other side - approx. 5 minutes. Trout & other fish will cook quickly - most trout are well cooked in 10 minutes, big fish may take longer.

Best eaten immediately, with cornbread, fried potatoes, onion, tomatoes - this doesn't need a lot of side dishes since fresh fried trout is the main reason for the meal. Especially enjoyable when eaten next to a campfire beside White River, or Sylamore Creek in Ozark National Forest.

*Note about Cavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning. This is a blend of salt, black pepper, etc. This is made in Harrison, Arkansas, a town next door to where I live. It it one of the truly great seasonings for any use, steaks, roasts, chops, meat loaf, hamburgers, chicken, turkey, fish, sea foods, wild game, & all cooked vegetables, gravies, soups, stews, casseroles, eggs, poultry dressing, salads & vegetable juices. It truly is distinctive, delicious, & found world-wide. We were shocked to see it in the markets in the small towns of northern Germany when we visited there some years ago. Once you use it a bit, you will always have it with your spices. Same with Jane's Crazy Salt - it is truly a 'can't do without' spice, as well.

If you can't find Cavender's, their address is S-C Seasoning Co., Inc., P.O. Box 1296, Harrison, AR  72601

I have no interest in these two products, except to share my excitement at their use with others who love good food and cooking. I will be interested in your experiences should you try these 2 seasonings.