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Herbs And Spices In Cooking



Here's some information to help acquaint you with a few of the herbs and spices that are popular in cooking. Herbs and spices tend to be potent, so use small amounts, 1/4 teaspoon for every 4 servings, until you're more familiar with the effects. Crush dried herbs, or snip fresh ones before using. Use 3 times more fresh herbs if substituting fresh herbs for dried. 




Sweet, warm flavor with aromatic odor. Use whole or ground. Good with lamb, fish, roast, stews, ground beef, vegetables, dressing and omelets.



Bay Leaves


Pungent flavor. Use whole leaf, but remove the leaf before serving. Good in vegetable dishes, seafood, stews, and pickles.





Spicy taste and aromatic smell. Use in cakes, breads, soups, cheese and sauerkraut.





Sweet, mild flavor like that of onion. Excellent in salads, fish, soups, and potatoes.





Use fresh. Excellent in salads, fish, chicken, rice, beans, and Mexican dishes.



Curry Powder


Several spices are combined to proper proportions to give a distinct flavor to meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.





Both seeds and leaves are flavorful. Leaves may be used as a garnish, or cooked with fish, soup, dressings, potatoes, and beans. Leaves or the whole plant may be used to flavor pickles.





Sweet, hot flavor. Both seeds and leaves are used. Use in small quantities in pies and baked goods. Leaves can be boiled with fish.





A pungent root, this aromatic spice is sold fresh, dried, or ground. Use in pickles, preserves, cookies, soups, and meat dishes.





May be used both dried or green. A very mild version of Oregano. Use to flavor fish, poultry, omelets, lamb, stews, stuffing , and tomato juice.





Aromatic, with a cool flavor. Excellent in beverages, fish, lamb, cheese, soup, peas, carrots, and fruit desserts.





Strong, aromatic odor. Use whole or ground in tomato juice, fish, eggs, pizza, omelets, chili, stew, gravy, poultry, and vegetables.





A bright red pepper, this spice is used in meat, vegetables, soups, or as a garnish for potatoes, salads, or eggs.





Best when used fresh, but can be used dried as a garnish or as a seasoning. Try in fish, omelets, soup, meat, stuffing, and mixed greens.





Very aromatic. Can be used fresh or dried. Season fish, stuffing, beef, lamb, poultry, onions, eggs, bread or potatoes. Great in dressings.





Orange-yellow in color, this spice flavors or colors foods. Use in soup, chicken, rice, and breads.





Use fresh or dried. The flowers are sometimes used in salads. May be used in tomato juice, fish, omelets, beef, poultry, stuffing, cheese spreads and breads.





Leaves have a pungent, hot taste. Use to flavor sauces, salads, fish, poultry, tomatoes, eggs, green beans, carrots, and dressings.





Sprinkle leaves on fish or poultry before broiling or baking. Throw a few springs directly on coals shortly before meat is finished grilling.