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Kentucky Feathered Friends

                                                 Welcome to Kentucky Feathered Friends. We hope you find some useful hints on how to care for our fine feathered friends. Drop us a line and let us know your thoughts!!!


        Let's Not Forget Our Fine Feathered Friends          





Cooper's Hawk Family Sets Up Home In City Park 


National Wild Turkey Federation  

National Audubon Society   

Birds Of Kentucky


North American Bluebird Society  


Here's a great site for information about backyard 

gardening to support local birds and other wildlife

 Backyard Bird Gardening


Annual Flowers For Birds  



Hummingbird Pictures  



The Hummingbird Society  


Wren House Plans #1    

Wren House Plans #2  

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Berry Bushes For Birds  

Bird Feeders  


Asian Bird Flu Information!!  

Additional Avian Flu Information  












State Bird Of Kentucky


John James Audubon

John James Audubon was America's foremost naturalist and illustrator of bird. Audubon moved to Kentucky in 1807 to become a Louisville merchant. He later moved the business to Henderson, Kentucky. While living in Kentucky, Audubon's interest in drawing grew. In 1810, Alexander Wilson, a noted painter of birds visited Kentucky. When Audubon saw Wilson's work, he decided that his paintings were just as good if not better than Wilson's. Hence, his career began.

John Audubon is forever honored as a famous Kentuckian at the John James Audubon Memorial Museum at John James Audubon State Park in Henderson, Kentucky.




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Ducks Unlimited


Purple Martin Society  

Features Of A Good Birdhouse


Simple Bluebird House Plans  



Bird Feeder Plan #1  



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